Category: Concepts

Words representing or related to common concepts, subject matter or parts of speech.

The models on these pages are representations of Davis Symbol Mastery, which uses clay to depict the meaning of each word. This is somewhat different than Davis Concept Mastery, where clay modeling is used to depict a broader concept that the word represents. Most of the words modeled here are words that would be part of the definitions or achieving understanding of the related concepts.


These words explain or support logical relationships. They are important for reasoning and drawing inferences. Read more →


Words giving information about numbers, quantity, or relationships based on number and quantity. Many of these words are frequently used in word problems in arithmetic, and may have special definitions for math that can be modeled separately from their most common meaning when used in language. Read more →


The definitions of these words require an understanding of concepts of the passage of time (past and future), or of duration or temporal relationships. Read more →